Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Diamonds and Deities

Oriental dragons, unlike their Western counterparts, go through many stages of development before they are considered fully grown. In the very early stage (the first 500 years) they are called lung, which translates as deaf. During the next 500 years the lung grows a set of horns that enable it to hear. After that it is known as kioh-lung.

It takes another 1,000 years before the dragon grows wings and becomes a ying-lung. At this stage it can develop into a god-like dragon deity.
The tien-lung is the sky dragon, protector of the gods' heavenly home. His cousin is the shen-lung, bringer of dark skies and storms.

Another is the fu-ts'ang lung or treasure dragon. He is master of the deeps and dark mines, where diamonds and other jewels are discovered.


  1. Fun post for the dragon and I'm all for it! I love dragons! Enjoy your week -- you and Eldritch both!


  2. That information was all new to me. Fun post for D Day.

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  7. many different dragons for the D round.. different dragons too..

  8. I've got a little oriental yellow dragon, now I know it is only young for it has horns but no wings, though fine fire making ability.

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